SR EN ISO 16148:2016

Gas cylinders - Refillable seamless steel gas cylinders and tubes - Acoustic emission examination (AT) and follow-up ultrasonic examination (UT) for periodic inspection and testing (ISO 16148:2016)

ISO 16148:2016 gives procedures for the use of acoustic emission examination (AT) and ultrasonic examination (UT) follow-up during the periodic inspection and testing of seamless steel cylinders and tubes with a water capacity of up to 3 000 l used for compressed and liquefied gases. This examination provides acoustic emission (AE) indications and locations that are evaluated by a secondary examination using UT for a possible flaw in the cylinder or tube. Methods other than UT for the secondary examination are not covered by this International Standard. ISO 16148:2016 does not cover composite cylinders. CAUTION ? Some of the tests specified in this International Standard involve the use of processes which could lead to a hazardous situation.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 9/30/2016
Number of pages : 38
ICS : 23.020.35 Gas cylinders
Technical Committee : 231 - Transportable gas cylinders

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