SR CEN/TS 17061:2021

Foodstuffs - Guidelines for the calibration and quantitative determination of pesticide residues and organic contaminants using chromatographic methods

This Technical Specification gives guidelines for the execution of calibration and quantitative evaluation of chromatographic procedures for the determination of pesticides and organic contaminants in residue analysis. In addition, the essential requirements for calibration are outlined. The calibration of analytical procedures and the evaluation of analytical results need to be conducted according to uniform principles in order to allow for a comparison of analytical results (even from different analytical procedures). They constitute the basis of any method validation and of the quality assurance within laboratories [1], [2], [3]. This Technical Specification does not consider issues of identification/qualification and extraction efficiency.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 3/15/2021
Number of pages : 40
ICS : 67.050 General methods of tests and analysis for food products
Technical Committee : 95 - Foods and horticultural products and analysis methods