SR CEN/TS 17757:2024

Inorganic fertilizers - Determination of specific nutrients

This document specifies references to methods for the determination of the content of the following specific nutrients in inorganic fertilizers: - the total nitrogen content; - the ammoniacal nitrogen content; - the nitric nitrogen content; - the urea nitrogen content; - the content of nitrogen from isobutylidenediurea (IBDU) and crotonylidenediurea (CDU); - the cyanamide nitrogen content; - the methylene-urea nitrogen content (and urea formaldehyde, if applicable); - the total phosphorus content; - the water-soluble phosphorus content; - the neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphorus content; - the water-soluble potassium content; - the total magnesium content; - the water-soluble magnesium content; - the total calcium content; - the water-soluble calcium content; - the total sulfur content; - the water-soluble sulfur content; - the total sodium content; - the water-soluble sodium content. This document is applicable to EU fertilizing products classified as PFC 1(C) and PFC 7 as long as the blend only consists of EU fertilizing products classified as PFC 1(C), PFC 2 and PFC 5 as sp


Status : Valid
Approval date : 2/15/2024
Number of pages : 11
ICS : 65.080 Fertilizers
Technical Committee : 105 - Chemical fertilisers