SR EN 13103-1:2018

Railway applications - Wheelsets and bogies - Part 1: Design method for axles with external journals

This European Standard: — defines the forces and moments to be taken into account with reference to masses, traction and braking conditions; — gives the stress calculation method for axles with outside axle journals; — specifies the maximum permissible stresses to be assumed in calculations for steel grade EA1N, EA1T and EA4T defined in EN 13261; — describes the method for determination of the maximum permissible stresses for other steel grades; — determines the diameters for the various sections of the axle and recommends the preferred shapes and transitions to ensure adequate service performance. This European Standard is applicable for: — axles defined in EN 13261 — powered and non-powered axles and — all track gauges3. The powered axle design method of this European Standard applies to: — solid and hollow powered axles for railway rolling stock; — solid and hollow non-powered axles of motor bogies; — solid and hollow non-powered axles of locomotives. The non-powered axle design method of this standard applies to solid and hollow axles of railway rolling stock used for the


Status : Withdrawn
Approval date : 5/31/2018
Withdrawal date : 2/28/2023
Number of pages : 50
ICS : 45.040 Materials and components for railway engineering
Technical Committee : 146 - Railway applications

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