SR EN 12056-2:2002

Gravity drainage systems inside buildings - Part 2: Sanitary pipework, layout and calculation

This European Standard applies to waste water drainage systems which operate under gravity. It is applicalbe for drainage systems inside dwellings, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Differences in plumbing within Europe have led to a variety of systems being developed. Some of the major systems in use are described but this standard has not attempted to detail the intricacies of each system. Detailed information additional to that contained in this Standard may be obtained by referring to the technical documents listed in Annex A.


Status : Valid
Approval date : 9/23/2002
Publish date : 9/24/2002
Number of pages : 40
ICS : 91.140.80 Drainage systems
Technical Committee : 186 - Water supplies and waste water engineering

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